About El Loco Mexican Cafe

El Loco Mexican Cafe opened it's doors on October 1, 1983 (Larkfest 1983). It started off as a small fast food establishment with paper plates and plastic utensils, with no beer or liquor license. Marcia Tolive had owned El Loco since the very beginning. She had operated a vending cart at Capital Park during the summer of 1983, and decided that the area was ready for a Mexican food establishment.

In summer of 2012, El Loco was purchased by Albany native Patrick Noonan. He is keeping El Loco the great Albany tradition it has become and very much looks forward to the next 30 years!

What Makes Us Different?

At El Loco we endeavor to bring Albany a melting pot of styles and tastes from various regions of Mexico and the Latina influenced Southwest USA. We serve Mexican food that is healthy to eat. We use fresh chiles, non irradiated spices and dried chiles from a Spice cooperative, our tortillas are lard-free, and we fry and saute in 100% vegetable oil. All of our food is vegetarian unless it specifically states on our menu that it contains meat or poultry and our beans are vegan. We cook with nutritionally superior brown rice, use only fresh Hass variety avocados in our guacamole, and utilize meat and poultry cooking methods that render our final product lower in fat than any other methods. We use only the best ingredients available, and never compromise quality.

A special thank you to our loyal customers for honoring us with the Times Union title of "Best Mexican" in the Capital Region for the fourth year in a row!